Who Are We

While we have to remain anonymous for the time being, we as a a collective are the BCC Student Union. To keep it simple, we, like any union, organize to demand fair treatment from the sytem, in this case, school administration. We are NOT affiliated with or sponsored by BCC in any way shape or form.

What We Want

-Longer lunches

-No weekend homework

-Focus on improving mental health for students

How You Can Help

Join Our Discord:https://discord.gg/KWcatQpMw8

Spread This Poster And QR Code:Poster

Check the news letter below.




Ok, first real newsletter. This will be a welcoming to anyone joining from the snitchcord, so it's good to have you onboard. As said in the snitchcord, spreading this to anyone you know who would be willing to join would be very helpful.

In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions in the discord. From here on out, i'll try to post newsletters roughly daily, and cover any plans or anything of interest.

For the time being, until we get a solid amount of members, we don't have any active plan of action apart from just spreading this website.